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Claudia and Matteo relied on STUDIO DOCLE VITA to tell the story of their special day. We had a lot of fun, it was a beautiful party and a ceremony full of emotions. Claudia and Matteo decided to have a special package. We shot some of the most beautiful and intimate moments on medium format film.

Sveva and Sebastian got married in the magnificent Palazzo Vecchio, in the Red Room. It is always very exciting to think that couples have been getting married in this magical place for hundreds of years. Sveva and Sebastian chose to have 6x6 medium format photos taken with our Rolleiflex.

Roxane and Matteo invited us to the beautiful and fragrant Provence for some unforgettable shots. Having timeless photos on film was important to them and so they chose one of our 6x7 medium format packages.

Callie and Marcus came from America to get married in Tuscany. What more romantic place. To strengthen this romance, together with them we decided to make a timeless film of their most beautiful day.

Charlotte and Baptiste took us to the north of France, to a beautiful demaine. Their passion for analogue photography led us to create some very intimate shots.